Nintex Workflow

Get list item url for document

06/05/2016 11:42
In document library, Common Worfklow data as Item URL sometimes returns bullshit strings as https://sever/sites/siteUrl/_layouts/15/WopiFrame.aspx?sourcedoc=/sites/siteUrl/Shared%20Documents/MyExcelFile.xlsx&action=default&OpenIn=browser or others in case of SharePoint listinstead of...

Get current web url in Nintex Workflow

16/10/2015 12:27
Sometimes we need to build different strings based on current web url. One of the way how to get it is by using Regular Expression action - we replace part of item url (in example there is an item in Document library) with empty string and store it in variable currentWebUrl.In case of worflow on...

Deploy Nintex Workflow from wsp

16/10/2015 10:59
Nintex workflows are great product to cooperate with SharePoint, but it's designed to move it between environments by export/import manually.Fortunately it's a way how to include Nintex workflows in Sharepoint solution package, so that they are deployed together with solution and working...

Moving Nintex workflow between environments

20/03/2015 13:11
Moving Nintex workflow between environments could be tricky. There are some good practices to keep to make it easier.Exported workflow represents .nwf file what is actually xml file with all workflow definitions. - Use workflow constants and variables (to don't need to replace the same string in...

Nintex Workflow Powershell scripts