BPC PowerForms

Bind two dropdowns to one sharepoint field

19/03/2015 10:28
Situation:We have two dropdowns in BPC form. It's the case of localization, so each dropdown is for one language and has different data source. For end user only one of them is visible at the time and we want to save the selected value to the same text field, doesn't matter what language...

How to save dropdown value to text field

19/03/2015 10:17
How to save dropdown value to text fieldWe have following situation in BPC PowerForm:There is a list with Companies on a sharepoint site and we have text field Product there. In new form, we want to select product from dropdown list (in bpc form there is comboBox control with query to Product list...

Include external files in PowerForm

18/03/2015 07:53
There are few places where to include external files in the form. Usually, we keep files in BPC PowerForms Binaries, but it's up to you where you upload (deploy) them. For example, we have following files in BPC PowerForms...