Get list item url for document

06/05/2016 11:42

In document library, Common Worfklow data as Item URL sometimes returns bullshit strings as

https://sever/sites/siteUrl/_layouts/15/WopiFrame.aspx?sourcedoc=/sites/siteUrl/Shared%20Documents/MyExcelFile.xlsx&action=default&OpenIn=browser or others in case of SharePoint list

instead of absolute url of item. Item URL is correct for .txt or .csv files. But in case some redirect settings, other useless url is returned.

There is no Field with absolute url available in Fields dropdown to get it from item properties.

We can use Query list action, override Caml Query in List node (Title= our reference) and also ViewFields node, where we can put EncodedAbsUrl field name. Doesn't matter what field is selected in original query created by Query builder.