Client Object Model

Add web part from Xml node by client object model

31/01/2014 13:23
Following XElement nodes are considered as xWebpart  <Webpart Src="Webparts\CEWP.dwp" PageUrl ="/SitePages/MyPage.aspx" Zone="LeftColumn" PartOrder="4">           <Replace What="tbTitleToken" With="My Webpart...

Add web part page from Xml node by client object model

31/01/2014 13:18
Following XElement as xPage: <Page Src="Pages\WebPartPage.aspx" FileName="MyPage.aspx" FolderName="Site Pages" SetAsDefault="TRUE"/>   WebpartPage.aspx file is in our case webpart page with three columns, header and footer (just saved source from Sharepoint Designer). Its code is at the...

Add list from Xml node by client object model

31/01/2014 13:11
Following XElement structure as xList:   <List Title="My Title" Url="mylisturl" Description="Some description" ListTemplateType="104" OnQuickLaunch="TRUE">          ...

Set site collection welcome page by client object model

30/01/2014 17:42
     ClientContext context = new ClientContext(webUrl);             Web web = context.Web;                         context.ExecuteQuery();            ...

Add list from schema Xml by client object model

29/01/2014 18:10
Actually in this snippet not really schema.xml is used, but only as xml source file, what is easy to get from visual studio. Sharepoint Apps have standard way to deploy list, but this code was used for console application - create more lists without any deployment or features.   Following...

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21/01/2014 12:00
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