How to save dropdown value to text field

19/03/2015 10:17

How to save dropdown value to text field

We have following situation in BPC PowerForm:

There is a list with Companies on a sharepoint site and we have text field Product there. In new form, we want to select product from dropdown list (in bpc form there is comboBox control with query to Product list as lookup), but we don't want to bind that value to lookup field in Companies list, but only save it as text value. Here is the way, how to set up comboBox control to save only text (and readable format - Title, not ID#Title).

- Bind comboBox control to the text field

- In Lookup Details tab set DisplayField as Title and also Value Field as Title (field from query you want to save to the text field)
 - In Extra tab set SaveValueFieldonly to True
 - ValueFieldFormat leave as it is (-).

After these settings, you will be able to select value from dropdown and this choice will be saved to list as text.