Test - call private method, or private static method

20/10/2012 21:55


//var underTest = new ContactListReceiverClass();
//Invoke normal method
            var result = Isolate.Invoke.Method(underTest, "ClearCache", properties);
//Invoke static method
            var result = Isolate.Invoke.Method("ClearCache", properties);
Invoking private methods
To invoke private methods using Invoke.Method call.
Example: invoking an instance private method 
CopyC# (InvokingMethods.cs)
public void InvokePrivateMethod()
    var underTest = new ClassUnderTest();
    var result = Isolate.Invoke.Method(underTest, "Sum", 2, 5);
    Assert.AreEqual(7, result);
1 Arguments are passed to the method from Invoke.Method, in this example using the 2 and 5.
Example: invoking a static method:
CopyC# (InvokingMethods.cs)
[TestMethod, Isolated]
public void InvokePrivateStaticMethod()
    var result = Isolate.Invoke.Method<ClassUnderTest>("Multiply", 2, 5);
    Assert.AreEqual(10, result);