Convert .cer file to .pfx

22/05/2018 12:12

There is cool article on how to make self signed certificate using makecert and pvk2pfx commands. But for access pvk2pxf you will need to instal Windows Driver Kit or some extensions for Visual Studio. For me it was quite lot of struggling to get this application (and lot of disk space), so I uploaded this single file here.


pvk2pfx.txt (20000)

1. Download file

2. Rename .txt extension to .zip

3. Unzip folder

4. Rename file extension to exe

5. Copy pvk2pfx.exe where you want

6. Use the application


first command creates .pvk and .cer file

makecert.exe -n "" -r -pe -a sha512 -len 4096 -cy authority -sv KBDemo2.pvk KBDemo2.cer


next one creates .pfx file with password

pvk2pfx.exe -pvk KBDemo2.pvk -spc KBDemo2.cer -pfx KBDemo2.pfx -po kbdemo